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Reduce Fat, Increase Energy, Boost Immunity & Detoxify your body Certified Massage Therapy, Rolfing and Integrated Body Work Find Balance & Greater Flexibility Find Inner Peace & Increased Energy

Reduce Fat, Increase Energy, Boost Immunity & Detoxify your body

You will detox, destress and release. You will sweat and strengthen your entire physical body, you will sharpen your mind and experience clarity, you will become focused, healthy, have more energy and this will increase your immune system. Each time you practice yoga your body will detox. By sweating, your body will rid itself of poisons to keep your internal system clean. You will experience a 75 minute yoga class that is medium paced, while being a hearty practice experience. We want you to have an enjoyable practice without any hindrances. Your body will reenergize, revitalize, relax, become renewed and burn a lot of calories in the process. Get ready for a high energy, compassionate and impactful class that will leave you feeling AMAZING!

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Certified Massage Therapy, Rolfing and Integrated Body Work

I have been treating clients in massage since 2001. I provide a full integration of the body, rolfing techniques, medical massage and physical therapy modalities for low back pain, back pain, broken bones, pulled muscles and ligaments, and tendons. My 75 minute sessions are very specific and directed to injury. Clients leave feeling healed, physically better and at peace.

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Find Balance & Greater Flexibility

At Pure Yoga Pattaya experience the Standing Series with Diana Mountanos which focuses on compressing all of our major organ groups and balancing on one leg/foot in various yoga posture. The object of stretching is "pulling" which is what students do with 1 minute holds, a rest period and then a 30 second hold. Most postures have two sets. Emphasis is put on the balancing postures as well as postures which encourage deep stretching. In particular, the YIN YOGA class uses postures with 3 minute holds as well as 3 minute holds on either side of body. We work to open up the hips, groin, inner thighs, chest and shoulders. With continual practice, students realize tremendous balance and flexibility, making every aspect of their physical body come alive with a newness of spirit.

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Find Inner Peace & Increased Energy

I know you have a choice when it comes to finding a yoga studio where your practice becomes a part of you. I also provide Certified Massage therapy with emphasis on the physical therapy of the body, rolfing and medical massage. With 20 years of solid practice, teaching, educating and using Yoga Therapy as a medical modality, I will help you dig a little deeper, reach a little higher, go a little further, while you move from one asana (posture) to the next. You will go into each pose, experience each pose, go to the edge of each pose - while in continual breath. Practicing yoga will change your mind, change your body and change your life. You will enjoy traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. My studio, is located in the heart of Central Pattaya ,welcomes you to a loving class environment, with dedicated students at all practice levels, surrounded by incredible energy, passion and determination to the practice of yoga.

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Yoga Classes



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Certified Massage Therapist

imagesDiana Mountanos is a Certified Massage Therapist since 2001 and treating Pattaya locals since 2014. …

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Core Flow Vinyasa 200 CYT


200 HOUR CYT ,  comprehensive “one on one” and/or “group training” over 20 consecutive days…

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Meet Diana

Diana Mountanos has lived most of her entire life with a focus on exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. By the age of 3, she was in the family swimming pool with a coach as her father was a lifeguard. He wanted my sisters and I learn to swim strong early on. Diana was a competitive back stroke swimmer in her early teens. Sprint relay running, archery, and competitive swimming were her high school passions. Racquet ball, weight training, long distance running, aerobics and other popular modalities in the 70ʻs, 80ʼs and 90ʼs was a lifestyle for her.

Diana always found herself talking with people, and being a partner to many who needed that extra push when it came to health and fitness. She worked for Tenant Health Care Systems in the Los Gatos, California at main campus hospital as the Director of Orthopedics. She worked for Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Reno, Nevada as the Director of Community Relations during the 1990ʼs. She saw alot of severe injuries at the Reno Hospital during this time and observed alot of of time with patients in intensive care where she assisted the nurses in the assessment process. She lead seminars on knee/hip replacement as well as spinal fusions and back surgery cases with surgeons. This poised her for what she would experience in her future.

In 1997, she found Bikram Hot Yoga, and her love affair with yoga started from that very first class.  She worked with Bobby Jones, the studio owner, and was able to help redecorate the studio with all pieces and art coming from Thailand. She asked Bobby if she could work for free, to bring in more students by talking, and marketing the benefits of Bikram Yoga. Diana wanted to devote herself to helping students after she experienced the total restorative benefits of yoga.

As a consultant, she helped open several Bikram hot yoga studios in Las Vegas, Nevada and beyond.  She worked the Bikram Teacher Trainings for several years and worked with other Hot Yoga Studios shortly after their openings to secure their successes. She has consulted with studios internationally, and has assisted/managed 3 Bikram Senior Teachers securing Posture Seminars.  She has worked with countless studio directors, connected with hundred of teachers, facilitated Yoga Teacher Training’s, stayed with students starting their practice as a buddy, helped students with nutrition, and has always been a shining beacon for why yoga is essential for health, wellness and fitness.

 As a Power Flow Yoga Teacher anchored in the Baptiste Method of Yoga, Dianaʼs inspiration, her dedication and devotion, are to work with students, to bring everything back to the student. This is her true passion.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.    -Henry Ford