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200 300 500 HOUR Module – Core Flow Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training



Your teaching opportunities are endless and worldwide with your WYA (World Yoga Alliance) Certification.  Many studios worldwide love having traveling teachers lead practice at their studios, giving you top pay at the current teacher rate. Your vacation becomes an added financial benefit and creates a long lasting opportunity.

Be your own boss! Being a teacher of yoga allows you the financial freedom to teach at studios in your area, substitute teach or generate a profitable private practice, with one on one teaching in the home of the student.

Meet new corporate area professionals!  Being a certified yoga teacher enhances your business opportunities of teaching even more.  Many companies now have full time WELLNESS staff who teach yoga, provide massage, teach relaxation techniques for employees as a part of their working day.

Changing the lives of others!  Teaching yoga is extremely rewarding.  The personal rewards will make you grow internally, externally and allow you to expand your presence at a higher level.

Hold workshops and expanded classes! As a yoga teacher you can refine your teaching skills to provide workshops targeting for correct posture and alignment, 2 hour expanded practice, yoga and meditation, focus on postures for the hips,  The standing series for balance and control, educate your students with Mantras, Mudras, Chakras, and Chanting.  The opportunities are vast with elevated workshop fees to increase your income.

Open your own studio! And the dream becomes your reality.


200/300/500 HOUR RYT ,  comprehensive “one on one” and/or “small group training” with  consecutive days, set days, OR weekends.
Custom Yoga Training available throughout the year to fit your lifestyle.
Development of a strong Hatha sequence, with “Vinyasa Flow”, and an impactful Yin sequence 
designed to give students a complete practice!
Open the door, to a new future and an amazing life!
Core Flow Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – In the heart of Pattaya, Thailand

200 300 500 Hour RYT through the World Yoga Alliance



This 200 300 or 500 hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training is Hatha based using a Vinyasa Flow to create a dynamic yoga practice. The 300RYT incorporates YIN training.

From the first day of this course,  you will be learn Hatha yoga asanas in the Standing and Floor sequence. These yoga asanas will lead each student through the proper techniques including key alignments with contraindications, variations and modifications for 43 yoga postures.  The purpose of this program is to provide a supportive environment in which you begin to connect with your inner teacher, your internal wisdom and authentic voice. Through pranayama, asana practice, mind-body journaling, directed reading and guided meditation, you will practice the essential process of conscious listening to your own higher self.

During the course the traditional Hatha series lays a strong foundation for the students, you will also learn from various other yoga styles on which to draw from in developing and sequencing a Vinyasa Flow class. In these styles, asanas are practiced using breath, drishti (gaze) and the introduction of bandhas (inner energy locks). By the end of the course, students will be able to teach Hatha Flow Series as well as creating their own Vinyasa Flow sequences.

There in this course you will be learn how to use of basic yoga props as well as the art of adjustment techniques, teaching methodology and practice teaching and much more.

As the foundation of Hatha Yoga, the class principles of sequencing,  you will be able to create a Hatha Vinyasa Flow Class according the needs of your own students or class. In addition, we will incorporate other styles of yoga such as restorative therapy for shoulder and knee pain and also including the yin yoga to provide the students a broader horizon of yoga styles and enhance their knowledge in general.

Yoga is a way of living life and a journey of inner growth.



200/300CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) COURSE SYLLABUS*


*Lead And Direct Your Class.

*A Class From Your Development Of Confidence.

*The Pose – Building the Pose, Entering The Pose, Risk Factor in the Pose – Fullest Expression of the Pose, Releasing the Pose.

*Teaching From Heart, Soul and Spirit

*Technical Knowledge / Articulation / Dialogue / Yoga Sequencing.

*Body Reading / Reading the Room.

*Attaining Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Acceptance through Self-Exploration.

*Creating and Developing your own Style of Teaching, through your own practice.

*Full Immersion of 10-15 Weekends (Saturday’s and Sunday’s) or 22-37 days of Building, Growing,

Deepening, Expanding, Achieving, Realizing and Activiating your Yoga Training into Teaching. Directed Meditations

* 200/300HR Certification Program meets the guidelines and criteria of the World Yoga Alliance.

*Daily Asana Practice & Meditation

*Anatomy & Physiology -Physical, Mental, Spiritual benefits of yoga.

*History of Hatha Yoga

*Philosophy (Raja Yoga / 8 Limbs) – Directed Lectures & Discussion.

*Introduction of Seven (7) Chakras and five (5) Elements.

*Yogic Lifestyle, Yoga as a Business, Opening A Yoga Studio.

*Pranayama & Kriyas  

*Teaching Methodology of different styles of yoga –, Ashtanga,

                               Classic Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar, Bikram Hot Yoga . .

Requested Reading (All books are included and on loan in the Training Price)
40 Days to Personal Revolution – Baron Baptiste
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Anatomy of Movement – Blandine Calais-Germain
Bahgavad Gita – Stephen Mitchell
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